Three Major Problems Countries Find Hard to Deal With

Society is a group of people who live together in a given locality to derive social welfare and common benefit. That is why human beings began living in communities. The idea of living as a society began during the days of early man. People had to be interdependent in order to achieve both personal and common goals. However, this society faces a lot of challenges that curtail the healthy relationship between the people in society. The society that we are living in is a collection of a large number of individuals, and it is not easy to resolve if there is an issue. So here are some of the issues that the society faces.


Economic Disparity:

Though all of us live in the same world, breathe the same air and drink the same water we are not equal. We do not look at each other equally. Money, wealth, education, job, behavior as a consumer are some of the factors that determine the position of an individual in the society. There are economic differences because of the same. Nobody is ready to fight against this social disparity and are learning to live with it. As long as this economic disparity exists, the inequality struggles of poor will exist.

Growth in technology:

Technology is not a bad thing as long as we know what is happening around. But today the growth of technology is unprecedented. The growth of technology is very much humongous that we are not able to cope with the differences that technology is giving us. While one sector is still enjoying the perks of the developing technology, many others don’t get to know where the world is headed. People on one end bless the growth of science. On the other hand, people are still facing different health problems that can’t be cured. They are still struggling to cope with their medical conditions. The growth that we see in today’s technology will go pointless if it doesn’t reach the hands of the commoner.


Illiteracy is the cause of all other troubles and differences that we face in society. Lack of knowledge reduces your earning capacity, and lack of earning capacity keeps economic disparity alive. In a lot of developing countries they problems of illiteracy have gotten to a different form. The government is finding it hard to spread education to the nook and corner of the country.


People are yet to understand the importance of education and the need for it.

This is the reason why people are not trying to get themselves educated.

Though the situation is changing in the present times, they do not seem sufficient.

The change has to happen at the earliest.